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AI Beginners: This masterclass is also designed for individuals with absolutely no prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.

– By demystifying AI and its applications in stock trading, we’ll provide you with the foundation you need to understand and use cutting-edge tools like TradeGPT effectively.

There’s no better time than now to embark on your journey into the world of AI-powered trading. So, take the leap and join us in the TradeGPT Revolution Masterclass to gain a significant edge in the financial landscape of tomorrow.

📅11, 12, 13, 14 December 2023 (Monday to Thursday)
⏱️8pm to 10.30pm GMT +8
🎦 Online via Zoom


Dr. Clemen Chiang

Founder & CEO of Spiking

What You Will Learn In This 4 Day Class

Day 1: Introduction to Stocks Trading

🔥 Learn how to leverage your passion for Stocks Trading into a sustainable income stream in the shortest period of time.

🚀 Discover the world’s only platform that democratizing access to financial data and insights, aiming to reduce information asymmetry in the stock market.

💡 Unearth the Insiders secrets to Stocks Trading success, even if you’ve encountered setbacks in the past.

Day 2: Technical Analysis & Risk Management

📈 Advanced Technical Analysis Strategies: Enhancing Your Stock Trading Proficiency

🛡️ Risk Management Excellence: Safeguarding Your Wealth in the Stocks Market.

🏗️ Building a Robust Stock Portfolio: Maximizing Gains and Minimizing Losses.

Day 3: Introduction to Spiking AI Tools and TradeGPT

🦾 The Basics of Generative AI: A walk-through of the fundamental concepts of Generative AI, its advantages and limitations, and its applicability to financial markets.

🔊 TradeGPT in action: Demonstrations of TradeGPT being used for real-time transaction decision making. Discussion on the reliability, advantages, and potential risks involved.

👣 Harnessing TradeGPT for Your Trades: Understanding the current market landscape, the role of AI, and the potential of generative models in stock trading.

Day 4: Advanced Trading Strategies with TradeGPT

📔 Receive a comprehensive Wealth Trilogy blueprint for Trading success.

💥 What is in the Future of AI in Stocks Trading? Leveraging AI and machine learning for Stocks Prediction.

🍀 Well rounded understanding of how AI can be used for more sophisticated trading strategies.

Bonuses for all!

🤝 BONUS #1: Full access to the above 8-Step “Beginners-Investing” Journey Guide, Wealth Trilogy 2.0 – for FREE (Value of $997)

🌟 BONUS #2: Get award winning Spiking AI tools trial access to catch the SPIKE! (Value of $399)

🔑 BONUS #3: Become A Member of the Spiking Wealth Community for FREE (Value of $97)

Date  ➞ 11, 12, 13, 14 December 2023 (Monday to Thursday)
Time ➞  8pm – 10.30pm GMT+8

Clemen Chiang


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