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Top Investors Are Thriving with Spiking

See For Yourself…

John Tran

Verified Spiking User

“The platform’s unique features, such as tracking top investors’ trades, have significantly enhanced my portfolio management. I highly recommend it for anyone seeking an edge in the financial market.”

Tony Lee

Verified Spiking User

“I have been learning from Teacher for a number of years. His masterclasses have always been visionary and guided. He ensures wisdom is our highest order of learning. The AI platform combined with the best data that the Spiking platforms already provide, enables me to reduce my risks tremendously. I am grateful for Teacher’s guidance and passion.! ”

Kuan Kim San

Verified Spiking User

“Always super excited to learn from Dr Clemen Chiang, I am inspired and infected by Clemen’s deep wisdom, powerful energy and optimism. He is such a great teacher. Thank you so so much for all your powerful sharing..”
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So, Why AI-Driven Stock Trading?
Let’s face it — investing in the stock market without the right tools is like navigating an ocean without a compass.
That’s Where Spiking TradeGPT Comes In.
Spiking TradeGPT is like your financial GPS, guiding your investments to the most promising stocks, equipping you with insights and analyses to make informed decisions.
AI-Driven Stocks Investment is the Secret to Your Financial Success
It’s the difference between the 99% investors that don’t make money, and the 1% that do!

Without Spiking TradeGPT

With Spiking


Want to Transform Your Investment Journey?

Embark on it with Spiking TradeGPT today!

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Spiking Drives You to Stock Market Success!
As a pioneering AI-driven stocks trading company, Spiking introduces the award-winning Spiking TradeGPT, powered by cutting-edge Generative AI Tools.
Our platform is designed to seamlessly guide users straight to the world of smart stock investing.
Here’s the twist: We won many Awards, including the Huawei Award in 2023 – proof that our AI really works!
But Spiking is More Than Just a Software…

Spiking Equips You with Everything You Require to Navigate, Invest, and Thrive in the Stock Market

All In One Convenient Spot!
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Navigating the stock market used to be a complex and daunting task, often reserved for those with extensive experience or financial advisors. Now, with Spiking AI TradeGPT, this process is transformed into a guided journey that can be embarked upon in just one day!
Spiking is…
Your Gateway to Smart Stock Investment

With Spiking TradeGPT, you can:

Spiking TradeGPT Replaces:
Outdated investment strategies, conventional market research tools, and independent financial advisors.
Spiking Is…
Your Vibrant Investing Community

Step into a world where stock investment is a shared journey, joining hands with a community that thrives on growth and knowledge.

With our multi-platform community, you can…

Spiking Replaces:
Isolated trading experiences, absence of peer support and community interaction.
ClickFunnels Is…
Your Personalized Learning Hub

Whether you’re new to stock investing or a seasoned trader, we understand the importance of learning at your own pace.

With Spiking, you can…

Spiking Replaces:
Conventional approaches to stock market education with dynamic, self-paced e-learning resources customized to your needs.
Spiking Is…
Award-winning Tools that is Trusted by Many

Spiking is celebrated for its acclaimed, trusted tools, winning major awards like the Huawei AI & Generative AI Tools, SITF, and Feefo Platinum Service Awards, highlighting our dedication to excellence and user confidence.

With Spiking, you can…

Spiking replaces traditional financial advisors, conventional stock analysis tools, and manual options trading strategies with its trusted, award-winning, and user-centric tools.
Spiking Is…
Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies

Navigating the complex world of stocks investment can be daunting. Spiking, however, makes it seamless. As one of Singapore’s fastest growing companies, we empower investors with cutting-edge AI-driven tools.

With Spiking TradeGPT, you can…

Spiking Replaces:
Traditional stockbrokers and outdated investment methods by providing a revolutionary platform that combines human expertise with the precision of AI, leading you towards smarter, and more informed investment decisions.
Meet your teacher
Dr. Clemen Chiang, PhD

Founder of Spiking &
Creator of The Insiders Trading Blueprint

I help new traders learn the ropes with simple but powerful insiders trading secrets so that you can invest alongside the giants of the markets, make a lot of money and have a lot of fun in the process!

Spiking replaces traditional financial advisors, manual market research tools, and basic trading platforms with its AI-driven, expert-inspired approach.
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Spiking Gives You Everything You Need To Excel in Stock Investment
Plus Tools To Make You A Savvy Investor!

Daily Bread

Companies' quarterly earnings are announced daily to show profitability.



FDA's approvals of drugs are announced monthly to improve our health.



Three data points connecting the Universe of Funds, Top 100 Insiders and current market seasonality.



GOAT shows the industry domain and companies in the industry domain which will be trending in 1 year.



Turn your knowledge, passion or experience into revenue



Reach and engage with your audience where they are



You Only Live Once and you will HODL these stocks for a lifetime.

Analytics (1)


It takes GRIT to cross the finishing line of financial freedom that prospers three generations.

Analytics (1)

Top 100

Top 100 Money Managers as curated by Spiking.

Analytics (1)

Universe of funds

All funds with over $100 million of assets under management.

Analytics (1)

Sovereign Wealth

State-owned investment funds of a country's surplus reserves.

Analytics (1)


Funds offer a regular source of finance after one retires.



Employees contribute part of their earnings for retirement.



Officers who invested at least $1 million in the past 1 year.



Members, officers, and staff of the U.S. House of Representatives.



The investment committee’s current list of disclosures.



Create your product once and sell it inside any funnel


Spiking Holy Grail

The Spiking Holy Grail refines Ray Dalio’s investing principles for stocks, offering a targeted approach.


Race To 100

Track Top Insiders as they attempt to achieve a 100% gain by Buying and Holding.


Stocks, Options, Cryptos AI

Learn core skills to jumpstart your trading journey

Experience the Revolutionary Power of Spiking TradeGPT
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Trusted by Thousands of Successful Traders
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Hear From Our Successful Members Real stories from Spiking users who have transformed their trading experiences.
Your success story could be next!
Testimonials are genuine experiences from Spiking users.
Results vary based on individual effort, market conditions, and other factors.
Spiking provides tools for stock trading, not a guarantee of earnings or returns.
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Could You Be Our Next ‘Financial Freedom Achiever’?
Spiking, an award-winning AI trading platform, has already empowered a multitude of investors, entrepreneurs, and traders to achieve their financial goals and soar in the world of stock trading.
Will You Be Among the Success Stories? Start Your Journey with Spiking Today for FREE!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What will you learn?

1. What is Generative AI? Unleash the potential of cutting-edge technology.
2. Microsoft’s ChatGPT vs. Google’s Bard: Uncover the strengths and nuances.
3. Utilizing Generative AI for identifying high-potential stocks.
4. Timing is everything: Does Generative AI guide entry and exit points?
5. Realize the benefits today: How to leverage this game-changing technology.

1. Aspiring Traders and Investors: Individuals who are new to the stock market and want to leverage the power of AI for trading. Urgency stems from the need to equip themselves with advanced tools and strategies before diving into the market.

2. Experienced Traders Looking to Upskill: Those with experience in the stock market who wish to incorporate AI tools like TradeGPT into their trading strategy. The urgency lies in the rapidly evolving financial landscape where AI is becoming increasingly important for strategic decision-making.

3. Financial Professionals: Anyone working in the finance industry who needs to stay updated with the latest trends and tools. The urgency is due to the growing prevalence of AI in finance, making it essential to understand and master these technologies to remain competitive in their field.

4. Fintech Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in the intersection of finance and technology. The need to take part in this masterclass urgently arises from the swift pace of AI advancements in trading, requiring continuous learning to stay abreast of these changes.

5. AI and Data Science Practitioners: Professionals in AI and data science fields who wish to understand the applications of AI in finance. Their urgency is based on the potential opportunities for developing innovative AI-based solutions for trading.

I’ve imparted this trading system to more than 20,000 students over a span of 20 years… and have earned the title as the #1 Trading AI Software in the world.

From novice to experienced traders, struggling to thriving traders…And it simply works in every market and trade you deploy it in.

And I GUARANTEE it will work for you too.

Our Masterclass begins from the basics of AI, gradually building up to complex concepts. Whether you’re a trading newbie or an experienced investor, there’s something to learn for everyone.

Get exclusive access to the newly launched TradeGPT tool and get to experience a live demonstration of its usage, and a step-by-step guide on how to implement this tool in your trading routine.

Joining our Masterclass gives you exclusive access to the Spiking community, a space to connect with like-minded traders, and 30-day access to our online course videos.


This Product Was Built Using Analytics & Machine Learning. We’re Spiking Things! Spiking.com – an Aly Product. Made with ❤️ in Singapore.

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